Logic to secure your device against sophisticated snoopers

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Preserve your privacy even if you lose physical access to your device and it's offline.

Protect your privacy, secure your device.

Faraday protects your privacy in conjunction with best practices such as enabling find my device, lock screen with a secure passphrase and encryption.

Lock your device

Automatically lock your device on removal of SIM card, airplane mode, loss of cell signal or data connection.

Record unlock events

Catch out wannabe snoopers by keeping a record of failed unlock attempts.

Wipe your data

Make your data disappear before anyone can crack your password. Optionally invoke a factory reset when certain conditions are met while offline.

System Check

Checks device settings and installed apps then makes recommendations to improve your privacy and security. None of your data is ever shared or transmitted.


Preserve your Privacy.

If your device is lost or stolen you can try to call, locate or erase it using Google's "Find my Device".

Unfortunately sometimes the person who has your device has no intention of returning it.

They may circumvent Find my Device by disconnecting from the network and then attempt to access your data.




Maintain Control

Keep control of your device and data even while it's disconnected from the network.

If any of the "erase device" options are enabled and triggered your data will be destroyed.

Your device will remain unusable until verified after it restarts.



Faraday also includes a selection of useful privacy tips and requires Android 6 (Marshmallow) or above.

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